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Talking about the quality of the service we offer, we are absolutely uncompromising so far as maintenance of quality is concerned. This has made us one of the best service providers. Our motto of carrying out business is based on one simple golden rule. We treat all our esteemed customers with equal importance, respect as well as dignity and we always maintain the stand that they look up at us expecting the best quality and we are bound to provide the same to them. We also make sure that we maintain quality of our products while also guaranteeing competitive and reasonable prices and high end after sales services.

The ambit of our service encompasses:

  • Installation
  • Balancing
  • Rotation of wheels & tires
  • Customized fitting
  • In house installation
Once again, competitive pricing. We request our customers that if they can find lower for identical product to make us aware of it — we are confident of meeting the price straightaway Laser guided high-speed balancing A state of the art warehouse along with a highly developed service center to serve our clients All our engineers and technicians are properly trained and re-trained to make sure that they are able to keep pace with the changing pace of technology, and this helps up creating new scopes. The most amazing factor about us is that, we never stop acquiring newer skills and knowledge and this has always helped us to stride along even amidst the cut throat competition that is the order of day in this niche of business. We have our own retraining modules that help our technician to maintain optimal level of performance so that they constantly design and develop the best quality products. All these have helped us to be the number one name in development of wheel rims and tires for any type of car and vehicles that are as good as even the best products of the world.
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